Streamlining Paperwork With Electronic Medical Records

Electronic medical records (EMR) are starting to become the norm throughout the United States, but it is more than just a federal law that has made this form of recordkeeping so popular. The medical industry has seen a persistent rise in the cost of doing business, which has put a spotlight on cost-saving measures that also offer more efficiency. By utilizing EMR methods, a practice can streamline its paperwork requirements and, in the long run, create efficiency that will save the practice money.

Deliver better quality care when you are using the right EMR system.

Deliver better quality care when you are using the right EMR system.

A Cloud Based EMR Makes It Easier To Find Medical Records

According to, important documents such as lab results and doctor’s notes go missing in practices where paper files are used. The process of reclaiming lab results can take time and the possibility of replacing lost dictations is extremely slim.

By using a reliable EMR system, practices can keep all of the medical records for each patient organized and available. This can help minimize the need to order new lab work and, just as importantly, the critical patient notes the doctor needs to deliver quality care will always be available.

Remote Access With EMR

Doctors and hospitals can reduce paperwork and administration costs by sharing patient files electronically instead of through paper mediums. According to, three out of every four doctors find significant value in being able to access patient information through a remote service such as a cloud storage system. EMR systems can allow for remote access by doctors and medical care facilities, and that reduces the amount of paperwork that can inundate an already burdened medical system.

Help your practice by embracing a cloud based EMR solution.

Help your practice by embracing a cloud based EMR solution.

More Efficient Patient Maintenance

It is difficult to put a price tag on good service, especially when that service is provided by a doctor. With an EMR system, a doctor can easily keep track of the medication renewal schedules for patients and doctors can also keep an eye on patients who are experiencing ongoing issues.

The convenience that is offered by an EMR system cannot be overstated, especially when one of the primary benefits is better care for patients. With a paper records system, a doctor and their staff would be hard-pressed to keep accurate track of every patient’s individual medication and ongoing treatment needs. But when it is all done through an electronic system, the information is up to date and accurate and patient monitoring can be done efficiently. This is the type of service that doctors have always wanted to deliver, but could not because of limitations of the paper records system.

A cloud based EMR system is the ideal solution for any practice that wants to increase efficiency, improve patient care, and lower costs. FreeCHIRO offers an EMR system that can help your practice stay on top of all of your patient issues, as well as monitoring the personnel and financial issues that are important to the success of your practice. Check out the cloud based EMR solutions available from FreeCHIRO and enjoy the benefits that come from utilizing the latest technology.

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