Herb Juetten, DC of Rich Prairie Chiropractic Center on a Career in Chiropractic

Herb Juetten, Doctor of Chiropractic at Rich Prairie Chiropractic Center Inc., has over 30 years of Chiropractic experience of whole body care.

We recently asked Herb to share one of his favorite patient success stories and discuss the lessons he’s learned in his career so far. Here’s what he had to say:

Tell us about your practice. What sets you apart from other practitioners in your area?

I focus on finding the cause of my patients problems and focus on correcting the cause and set up treatment plans so the symptoms go away and stay away. Sometimes the cause is not structural or skeletal based, but emotional or chemical. This is important because unless we know the cause, it is difficult to correct the problem.  I put together customized care plans for each patient according to their needs so their issues don’t come back later. The corrective care plans are based on the finding of the consultation (listening well to the patient’s description of their problem) and the objective finding of the exam and X-rays. I offer specific adjustments to each area of the spine or extremity such as: TMJ cranial, neck, back or involved extremities unlike other Chiropractors who do a general adjustment. The are about 360 joints in the body and I can treat most all of them.

I also do drug testing and DOT medical exams.

We’d like to talk about a patient success story you’re especially proud of. Tell us about the patient. How did they learn about your practice?

We do multiple marketing events in several nearby areas and give potential patients a chance to meet with my office manager and I so they can get to know us and learn something about us and how our practice operates. One comes to mind that came to us with severe migraine headaches that put her to bed three days a week for 15 years. After two weeks of care, the migraines were gone and she didn’t have another one for five months and then it was mild and only lasted a few hours. Since then she has sent her two daughters and her son in for care.

Another patient came in with a claw hand and flexed elbow, unable raise or use his left arm for 30 years after an accident. By the second month of his treatments, he noticed that he could raise his arm further and could start using his fingers more. Now he has been using his left hand much like the right. He can grip things again and he now holds down a regular job, which he was unable to do before.

Another patient after having been in treatment for a month told us something she had not told us was a problem until it went away. She said since she was a young girl she had difficulty swallowing food. It would get stuck in her throat and she would end up throwing up. Now that problem is completely resolved. So you see, we don’t always know what will correct with good chiropractic care.

Another case was with a patient who suffered with constipation. She would have a bowel movement sometimes once in two weeks. After being on her treatment plan for a month or so she told us that she has regular daily bowel movement again.

I recall another patient with Parkinson’s disease. When he started care here he had a difficult time walking the hallway because his swing was so wide that his shoulder would bounce off one wall and the other off the other wall. After several months of care he was able to walk the hall without the swinging, more like a normal walk. His Parkinson’s was not corrected, but he felt a lot better about being out in public again.

Another case I like to share is about a lady who called me from the hospital after delivery. She was in severe pain and could not get out of bed or walk on her own. She asked if I would come and treat her there so she could at least be able to be released and go home. I did as she asked and she was able to go home in a few days and then got under a treatment plan at the office for her and her baby.

Another young woman after delivery of her baby called me from the hospital because she was in terrible pain and had a difficult time breathing. I don’t make a practice of going to the hospital, but this was a former patient, so I did take care of her and the newborn as well. They continued care at the office.

A 40-year-old male had been off work for 10 years due to an injury herniating his L4 and L5 discs. He was told he would never get better, so he gave up and thought there was no hope for him until after his wife came for treatment, loved her care here and asked if I thought I could help her husband. She brought him in, and after a full exam and X-rays, it was determined that there was hope that I could help him. He went under my treatment plan and now he is back the a full-time job and very happy. He feels like a man again.

What advice would you give PT/Chiro students today? For instance, looking back at your own career is there anything  you would do differently?

Do not be a band-aid doctor. Chiropractic can be used for any health issue, but it will take time. Minimum healing time is 90 days. It is wise to know how to start and run a business before jumping in without knowing what to do. Also, take people’s health problems seriously, because if you don’t take it seriously, the patient won’t either, and they will think their problem is nothing to worry about.

Please talk about any ways you are trying to impact the community you’re a part of:  

I offer health classes and do patient orientation classes that cover a lot of health concerns and answers. These are open to guests and to the public. I also have a monthly newsletter that covers many health topics, which is available to the public.

 What is the funniest thing, if any, that has happened to your in practice?

Probably 20 year ago, shortly after I purchased this building and all the cracks were not sealed, I came in in the morning, opened the doors for the day and got settled in with the first patient. I heard a scream from the front desk area. I ran out to see what the fuss was about, and I found my wife and secretary hiding in the bathroom saying they would not come out until I “kill that thing.” I looked and low and behold there was a bat flying overhead. My first patient and I grabbed brooms and eventually batted it out of the air and killed it. Later, we had a good laugh about it.

 Anything (that you care to admit) that you would never do again?

Yes. Don’t get too hasty in hiring employees. I had some doosies over the years and some really good ones. Be patient and find out what type of person they are before bringing them on full time. I needed to find the right fit for this office area and my own personality. I am a Christian and I now have an employee who is Christian as well. She has an excellent work ethic, is dedicated to her job, has great office managerial skills, is very good with the patients, very professional minded, and what she doesn’t know, she won’t rest until she figures it out or asks someone who can; sometimes that’s me. Find out who will work well with you.

Another thing: work should be fun. If it is not fun than work really is work, and maybe you should find something else. We try to have fun in the office, especially with the patients, because laughter is one of the best healers there is.

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