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What can you enjoy without good health?

Chances are, you think you’re pretty healthy. And maybe you are, but how do you know? Does symptom-free mean great health? Many would argue, “yes, as long as I feel fine, I’m healthy.” In fact, our entire medical system is based on treating and removing symptoms; we wait until a disaster strikes to treat it, usually with drugs or surgery, and then wait until it requires attention again.

This is NOT healthcare. It is sick care. Our country is in dire need of a change in this thinking to emphasize creating and maintaining wellness, not merely managing disease.

Imagine if your insurance coverage actually paid for health-promoting activities such as gym memberships, groceries at the farmers’ market, yoga classes and herbal remedies. Our current national economic and health status would be different; health complications were the No. 1 reason for bankruptcy in 2013, as reported by CNBC via the American Patient Rights Association, not to mention lost wages and productivity due to sickness.

And worse: America ranks 37 out of 40 industrialized nations in health status, according to World Health Organization (WHO). This is a wake up call, and the chiropractic profession offers an answer to change this deplorable ranking

I’m Dr. Lee Goldenberg, founder and director of Greystone Chiropractic in Birmingham, AL. Our office serves our community with family wellness chiropractic care, natural whole food supplements, massage therapy and health coaching. We focus on detecting and correcting irritations to the nervous system, because it is what connects the brain to every cell, organ and tissue in the body, commanding all systems and processes.

We have had great successes in our practice, however one particular case stands out. A young lady in her early 30s came to me a few years ago with extreme low back pain. I did a thorough evaluation, history, examination and X-rays, and during that visit, she revealed that she has been having seizures for the last 15 years, often daily. It had become so severe that she could not work any longer, nor could she drive a car.

After looking over her spinal muscle balance, thermal readings and x-rays, I saw a great deal of tension in the upper spine, caused by a completely reversed neck curve. This happens regularly after accidents, sleep postures, computer use and sometimes even as early as in utero. Her severe neck issues, which were not symptomatic, were causing her low back pain. As I began adjusting her spine and working with her to restore balance to the nervous system, she reported having fewer seizures.

After two weeks, she had not had one seizure, and she asked if perhaps what I was doing could reduce them. I told her about the brain-body connection, and how the extreme tension caused by reversed neck curvature could cause a myriad of issues, including low back pain, headaches, seizures, sinus issues, hormone disruption, fertility challenges, blood pressure imbalance and more. Her low back pain healed rather quickly, but we were both elated that after six months she had not suffered one seizure, and felt a great sense of relief, enhanced clarity and heightened overall wellness.

Chiropractic is amazing, but the body is even more miraculous in its ability to heal, if given the chance. This is why Greystone Chiropractic regularly offers programs to teach and engage the community on health and wellness topics, such as stress management, brain boosting essentials, nutrition, ergonomics, functional movement, children’s’ health and more.

Dr. Lee Goldenberg is owner and family wellness chiropractor at Greystone Chiropractic, where he strives to help every patient uncover the unlimited power of pure, natural healing, without the need for drugs or surgery, in a stress-free and nurturing environment.

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