Expert Interview Series: Eugene Goldberg of Wellness Associates

Dr. Eugene M. Goldberg

Dr. Eugene M. Goldberg is the Clinic Director at Wellness Associates, a chiropractor practice located in Pittsburgh, Pa. Dr. Goldberg has been in private practice servicing thousands of patients for 34 years.

We recently asked him about his practice and one of his favorite patient success stories. Here’s what he had to say:

Tell us about your practice. What sets you apart from other practitioners in your area?

We take a holistic approach. Meaning in addition to chiropractic care, we also focus on diet, nutrition, acupuncture and allergies. We are specialists of the specialists. We do a unique technique in chiropractic that gets tremendous results.

We’d like to talk about a patient success story you’re especially proud of. Tell us about the patient. How did they learn about your practice?

We treated a patient successfully who was “allergic to the 21st century.” Meaning he was allergic to 50 different substances/allergens. He was so allergic, he couldn’t go to school at all. He was referred into our office from a direct referral from another patient who also got tremendous results with our allergy treatments.

Why did this patient come to your practice? What problems were they experiencing?

He came to our office out of desperation, because several MDs from across the country were not able to help him. He was house bound do to the severity of his allergic condition.

How did you go about diagnosing him or her?

We do a specific technique called Allergy Elimination Technique(NEAT). This involves reflexes and Applied Kinesiology. It is highly specific and effective for diagnosing and treating allergies.

What was the impact your treatment had on the patient? How did you help him or her?

The impact of the treatment was that is changed his life for the better. Meaning he was able to go back to school, and get on with his life and his career. Today he lives a normal life in California, working two jobs!

What advice would you give Chiro students today? For instance looking back at your own career is there anything you would do differently?

The thing about chiropractic is, in my opinion is you don’t choose chiropractic. Chiropractic chooses you! In my experience I was a chiropractic patient myself. Meaning I got tremendous results in my own case, so therefore I wanted to help other people also. I needed a career change at the time, and my own chiropractor encouraged me to attend Logan Chiropractic, which was also his Alma mater.

Please talk about any ways you are trying to impact the community you’re a part of.

I am mentoring several prospective chiropractic students in my community. Meaning I encourage prospective chiropractic student candidates to seriously think about attending chiropractic school themselves. Why? Because chiropractic has a great future, as it helps people naturally, without drugs or surgery. It seems the public is “waking up” to the fact that there are many health alternatives than the standard drugs and surgery.

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