Interview With Chiropractor Andrew Cort The Eclectic Chiropractor

Andrew Cort
Andrew Cort is a doctor of chiropractic in Woodstock, N.Y., as well as the author of a number of books on healing, spirituality, education and American culture. He is also a non-practicing attorney, a retired teacher, and an Interfaith Minister.

Here, he discusses his approach to healing:

Tell us about your practice. What sets you apart from other practitioners in your area?

I have a very eclectic and unique kind of practice. I spend over an hour with each patient, working on-and-with their total being: body, mind, heart and spirit. All of my sessions are gentle and relaxing: I believe that relaxation is primary for healing to take place, and there is no need to crunch, crack, or cause pain.

I begin each session at the feet and work up to the head and beyond. I start with a combination of foot adjusting, foot massage and reflexology. Tension and misalignments in the feet are often the underlying source of structural problems throughout the body. In addition, Oriental Medicine has long known that the feet are covered with energy points that affect every single part of us.

I then work a bit on the legs, balancing muscles and stimulating meridians.

I do a full spine adjustment using palpation and a gentle “thumb-flick” technique: No twisting, contorting, or crunching. I find that when the body is relaxed and open, it will take a light force and use it properly for and by itself. When spinal misalignments are brought back into balance by safe, gentle manipulation, the body’s own healing capabilities may be greatly enhanced.

All sessions include craniosacral work, a light-touch modality that releases tensions in the skull and pelvis. This may improve the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (which bathes the entire nervous system) by removing blockages, and this in turn may help the body heal a wide range of conditions, both physical and emotional, including fatigue, pain, sleep difficulties, anxiety, all sorts of stress-and-trauma-related disorders, etc.

Most patients find this work extremely relaxing, and many report that it leads them into deeper states of consciousness.

Lastly, I use guided imagery work to bring the body into a state of total relaxation, to help the psyche release physical pain and enhance self-healing (which is much more powerful than anything a practitioner can do), and I end all my sessions with emotional calming and emotional release exercises from the HeartMath work.

I work with people who have various aches and pains, and as necessary I utilize various pain relief techniques and muscle balancing with Applied Kinesiology as well as everything mentioned above.

Many of my patients have vague symptoms and/or high stress levels, and come to me for a general healing session. I’ve had patients walk out the door telling they feel like they are floating and all the pain is gone – I certainly do not pretend that that is always the case, but what I do works deeply, and is always beneficial. Sometimes, people tell me that later that day, or the next day, problems finally resolved.

Ultimately, what happens for a patient is between them and whatever higher healing forces come into play. I try very hard to keep my ego out of it and to take no credit for this — I am merely trying to be a compassionate, intentional, “conduit”, nothing more.

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