5 Things to Look for in Chiropractic Software

Healthcare IT spending has broken records in recent years as medical practices learn to cope with changes like ICD-10 and the Affordable Care Act. Chiropractic software is no exception.5 Things to Look for in Chiropractic SoftwareProfitably managing today’s chiropractic clinic requires smart and powerful tools for processes like appointment setting, insurance verification, coding, and patient billing. No chiropractor has time for rejected claims and accounts that sit in Accounts Receivable for ages. Fortunately, the right chiropractic software for managing a practice, from appointment setting to marking accounts as “paid,” can make countless office processes easier. And that means that chiropractors can spend more time taking care of patients and less time dealing with IT and office issues. Here are 5 things you should look for in chiropractic software.

1. It Should Have an Intuitive User Interface

Chiropractic software that doesn’t feature a friendly, intuitive user interface should be crossed off your list immediately. There’s simply no excuse today for software that requires learning a new skillset to be able to use. While you should insist on chiropractic software that has generous training resources (and should take advantage of these), you should also insist on software that is user-friendly enough to start using right away.

2. It Should Be Cloud-Hosted

Few practices have the resources to host on-site servers, let alone maintain them and worry about installing software upgrades. When you choose cloud-hosted chiropractic software, these worries go away. Cloud-based software is hosted in the cloud and accessed by your practice computers or devices conveniently over your broadband connection. Server issues, security patches, and upgrades are all taken care of by the software provider so you can be confident you’re always using the latest, most secure software version.

3. It Should Be Designed Specifically for Chiropractors

You might think that any medical practice management software would work for running your chiropractic clinic, but this is not necessarily so. The chiropractor treats a specialized set of conditions that the family practitioner or the pediatrician may not encounter. Therefore, the tools should be designed specifically for chiropractors and their particular management, coding, and billing needs. That way you won’t waste money or time on software features that are irrelevant, and you can be confident you have the exact tools you need for your practice.

5 Things to Look for in Chiropractic Software4. It Should Make Coding Easier and More Accurate

Coding requires dedication, attention to detail, and broad knowledge, and it makes an enormous difference in your practice revenues. While of course you should invest in your practice by hiring experienced, competent coding personnel, you’ll fare even better if you provide them with software tools that will help ensure procedures are coded correctly for submission to insurers. Outstanding coding is one key to having a high “clean claims” rate, and the right chiropractic software can assist greatly.

5. It Should Produce a Fast, Positive Return on Investment

If chiropractic software doesn’t produce a return on investment, then what good is it? Ultimately, you want to invest in software that will make your practice run more smoothly, prevent problems, make billing more accurate, and keep the revenue cycle on track. Before you choose chiropractic software, thoroughly research your options, including their expected return on investment. How discouraging it would be to spend a lot on a chiropractic software system only to find that it never earns its keep! Insist on ROI information before committing to a chiropractic software solution.

FreeCHIRO offers billing software for chiropractors that’s hosted in the cloud, that helps you code and create claims quickly, and that has a fast return on investment because it’s free. FreeCHIRO is specifically designed for the particular needs of chiropractic billing, and it’s 5010 compliant, HIPAA compliant, and fully ready for ICD-10. It’s flexible, powerful, and has an intuitive user interface, along with copious training resources so your team can make the absolute most of the software. You can sign up for free by clicking here. Why not make positive changes that will increase revenues and help your chiropractic clinic run more efficiently?

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